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The Content Marketing Power Up – Recordings

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More than 25 recorded live sessions, additional workbooks, and templates to power up your content marketing, get comfortable live streaming, grow your YouTube reach, repurpose your content smart, and build systems around everything you do.


6 reviews for The Content Marketing Power Up – Recordings

  1. Melody

    I know Kelly always delivers and great content! Hands down.

  2. Glenn (verified owner)

    I can’t believe all of this value for so little!

  3. Hilton (verified owner)

    This was a very informative. I knew I would not be able to keep up with all the content being delivered over 30 days so I signed up. Very happy I did.

  4. Ruheene Jaura (verified owner)

    The CMPU blew my mind!!! 30 days of amazing content, deals and expert speakers- not to mention some amazing trainings and presentations from Yvi & Kelly themselves who are both absolute marketing powerhouses.. it would have been crazy to miss out on any of this. And even though I absorbed things like a sponge all month long, learned how to 10x the quality of my videos using Ecamm, start a YouTube channel, create my first 6 pieces of content actually knowing what I was doing, and leveraging the power of Tubebuddy Legend to supercharge my channel right from the get-go, not to mention learning how to leverage the power of tools like Restream, Agorapulse, Descript, Giphy, ClickUp and Easil– there were just so many golden nuggets shared with us throughout the event that it was nearly impossible to absorb EVERYTHING. Which is why I bought the recordings too, because at this price, it’s a steal! It’s value is at LEAST 5 times the price it will eventually be at on May 3rd. I am SO glad I dedicated the month to the CMPU, and plan to refer back to the recordings and bonuses often as I continue to build on everything I learned from it through the rest of the year. Thanks Yvi & Kelly, my mind is blown and my business thanks you!

  5. Fabiola Segovia (verified owner)

    Buy this course now!! Absolutely loved doing this CMPU with Yvi and Kelly. It’s a steal and well worth the money. Buy this if you’re looking to uplevel your video and content game!!! These two are the queens. Apart from that, they had a lot of awesome trainers for the Bootcamp. You’ll def be rewatching all of the trainings. They’re that good!! Feel free to email/DM me if you have any questions!! Thank you Yvi and Kelly <3 -Fabiola Segovia @thriveandalign

  6. Deepthi Rao (verified owner)

    This is a value packed course. The number of things that I learned during the bootcamp was incredible. Kelly and Yvi showed up everyday and it was a packed with nuggets of value and lot of fun. There was so much information in each session that buying the course is a ‘no brainer’. You get to refer back to specific things that they or their guests taught while you are in the pits trying to get your YouTube videos and all the things optimized. So a definite BUY, BUY, BUY!

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