Boss Your Business Academy

The Content Marketing Power Up – Recordings

Difficulty: Beginner

More than 25 recorded live sessions, additional workbooks, and templates to power up your content marketing, get comfortable live streaming, grow your YouTube reach, repurpose your content smart, and build systems around everything you do.

The Content Marketing Power Up


Course Outline

  • Launch Parties
    • Content Marketing Power Up Launch Party with Kelly & Yvi
    • Confidence Plateaus with Andrew & Pete
    • Camera Confidence Panel with Molly Mahoney and McCall Jones
  • Week 1 – Live Video
    • From Software to Hard: Tech that Works
    • The Power of Live Video with Stephanie Liu
    • Live Stream like a pro with the help of Restream
    • Level up your Live with Ecamm
    • Best Practices and More – Live Week
  • Week 2 – Recorded Video
    • Coming Up with Ideas
    • Tools of the Trade
    • Video Processes
    • Optimize and win with TubeBuddy
    • Monetize your Videos – It’s not all about the ads
  • Week 3 – Marketing
    • Repurposing your video
    • How To Create 10X Content 10X Faster
    • How to create professional Live Show graphics [without a designer]
    • Creating searchable personal brand gifs on Giphy
    • Andrew & Pete Q&A
    • Marketing Week Wrap Up Party
  • Week 4 – Bringing It All Together
    • Mastering your Content Creation Process in ClickUp
    • Streamline your Content Creation
    • Increase your reach with Chat Marketing
    • How to stay on track with your goals
    • Wrap Party & GIveaway
  • Bonus
    • Get Paid with Buy Me A Coffee
    • The Making of a YouTube Channel
    • Video Feedback
    • Navigating Digital Marketing for Regulated Industries
  • Bonus Material
    • Workbooks & Checklists
    • FB Live Messenger Bot Access