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Minerva Interactive How-To Guide “Getting Started with ClickUp” Playlist >> or sign up for the Email Course >>

Getting Started with ClickUp Playlist >>

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Course Outline

  • Intro to Content Creation in ClickUp
  • The Setup
    • The Overall Workflow
  • The Process
    • Intro to the Process
    • YouTube Content Creation
    • Blog Content Creation
    • Social Media Content Creation
    • Email Newsletter Creation
    • The Content Collective
    • Bringing It All Together
  • The Automation
    • Automating the Process – Overview
    • YouTube Content Creation Automation
    • BlogĀ Content CreationĀ Automation
    • Social Media Content Creation Automation
    • Email Newsletter Automation
    • Automate Your Asset Creation
  • Bonus
    • ClickUp Getting Started Minerva Course
    • Hierarchy Cheat Sheet
    • ClickUp Cost Calculator & 25% off ClickUp
  • What’s Next?!
    • More Resources
    • Liked it? Leave a review
    • Earn Affiliate Income