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Content Creation & Repurposing in ClickUp

Difficulty: Intermediate

Consistent Social Media Content Creation is your ticket to get known, get booked, and scale… But let’s be honest, it doesn’t start with Social Media and consistency is easier said than done.

In this mini-course, I will share my Social Media Content Creation workflow that allows us to make the most of every piece of content you produce, streamline the workflow, and look like you are everywhere.

and you get all the templates you need along with it

6 Folders
21 Lists
17 Custom Fields
16 Automations

… and growing

Social Media Management in ClickUp


Course Information

Difficulty: Intermediate


Course Outline

  • Intro to Content Creation in ClickUp
  • The Setup
    • Overview & Template Links
  • The Process
    • Intro to the Process
    • YouTube Content Creation
    • Blog Content Creation
    • Social Media Content Creation
    • Email Newsletter Creation
    • The Content Collective
    • Bringing It All Together
  • The Automation
    • Automating the Process – Overview
    • YouTube Content Creation Automation
    • Blog Content Creation Automation
    • Social Media Content Creation Automation
    • Email Newsletter Automation
    • Automate Your Asset Creation
  • Bonus
    • ClickUp Getting Started Minerva Course
    • Hierarchy Cheat Sheet
    • ClickUp Cost Calculator & 25% off ClickUp
  • What’s Next?!