Why are we doing this and why did we team up? - Ask Yvi's Bulletproof Business Academy

Why are we doing this and why did we team up?

Summits have been quite popular and becoming more so every month.
Good summits take a lot of preparation, commitment, and work. We are here to help you learn all the ins and outs, does and don’t, and how to put it all together.

No matter if you are a speaker, host, or summit guest… We are sure you’ve seen some bad ones:

  • Many speakers have been approached by summit hosts that are obviously just out to collect emails and sell their recordings
  • How many summits have you watch that did not deliver real value and felt like you just signed up with a used car salesman
  • How many speakers have you reached out to that agreed to join your summit only to ghost you or never even share their involvement once

That’s why we have set out to make you a summit hero and give you the tools and knowledge you need to kick some serious a$ with your next summit, deliver value to your attendees, get your speakers excited to come back for the next one, and show you how to monetize it so it’s not just an expensive hobby.

A well thought out and planned summit will not just only showcase your expertise, sell your products or services, and allow you to connect to other experts, but also enable you to repurpose the content and build passive income for months if not years to come.

But who is “we”?! 

And who are we to tell you how to host your best summit yet… 😉