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Practical and efficient ClickUp applications for coaches, entrepreneurs, and social media managers.

Join us and see for yourself |  $564 $470 / Year 

(Buy 10 get 2 months free)


Are you ready to revolutionize how you’re using ClickUp?

The ClickUp IRL membership community provides training, guidance, and real-world applications of ClickUp that evolves with both your personal & business growth — making you feel fulfilled AND productive!

This ClickUp In Real Life community is for YOU if…

➡️ You’ve heard how friggin awesome ClickUp is and want to see what it takes to become a full-fledged ClickUp Master/Ninja/Wizard.

➡️ You enjoy tinkering with tools and want to master ClickUp’s advanced settings to streamline your personal goals + business systems AND skyrocket your productivity.

➡️ You watched someone implement all these neat templates, but can’t figure out how to make it look ‘just right’ and fit your flow.

➡️ You want to use a powerful project management system that integrates well with other business tools.

➡️ Your team has trouble using it and you want to be better equipped to show them the ropes, so you can conquer tasks better in the future.

➡️ You’re stuck and overwhelmed because you have been trying to comb the internet for a specific answer to your equally specific ClickUp-related question… and OMG can someone just pleaaaaaaaase point you to the right direction already?! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ (flips table)


Regardless of which category you fall under (okay, especially if you’re part of the latter), we’re here FOR YOU!

We wanted to create a secure space where people can get together and confidently find real-world and up-to-date solutions for their ClickUp queries… so you can FINALLY get ClickUp to work the way you want and need it to.

Automagically, just like the tech deities intended it to be! ✨


But, you know, not with a crazy price tag that costs thousands of dollars because… NO, just no!


Join us and see for yourself |  $564 $470 / Year 

(Buy 10 get 2 months free)

We often get flooded with questions, but the one that tops the list is… 

“I want real-life examples! How does this actually work for me?” 

We hear you!!

ClickUp IRL is a membership community where you can raise real-life case scenarios and we’ll help you in implementing your setup and workflow. 

And we don’t stop there!


What’s Included: 

✔️ Getting started course with 7 training modules + Interactive ClickUp Training Folder Template that includes 30 Step by Step videos to maximize your Team Training and understanding of ClickUp!  

✔️ Learn how to structure your ClickUp from a Business owner perspective from the ground up.

✔️ Interactive Training Folder with videos is for beginners to train themselves and to use with teams.

✔️Access to Templates Vault x2 (Yvi’s and Anne’s Academy!)

✔️Build With Us Templates (build a template with us once a month Live!)

✔️Weekly Deep Dive Live’s into the newest ClickUp Release

✔️ Weekly ClickUp Co-Working sessions – don’t just learn but have accountability to implement


Monday Momentum – Productivity Hacks, Efficiency How To’s to get the week started! (#MondayMomentum)

Wacky Wednesday – Current Bugs or issues, Feature request updates (#WackyWednesday)

Feature Friday – Pro Tips & First looks on newly released features (#FeatureFriday)


Weekly Lunch n’ Learns – you’ll be able to submit your questions to be answered

Guest Expert Trainings (learn how to apply other business foundations with ClickUp!)